Nebra Sky

The Nebra Sky Collection shows off my wanna-be archaeologist side. The design is based on the Nebra Sky Disc, a Bronze Age artifact found in Germany in 1999 featuring the oldest known concrete depiction of astronomical phenomena discovered to date. I’ve simplified the design and use a midnight blue enamel background, but the ancient magic is definitely there.

Introducing Floret, a captivating collection that embodies the delicate beauty and timeless elegance of nature's most enchanting blooms. Modeled on the forget-me-not blossom, this collection is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of flowers in all their grace and splendor.

Every piece in the Floret collection is a celebration of the colorful and effervescent beauty found in a garden, transformed into wearable works of art in from gold, enamel and diamonds. Whether worn individually to make a subtle statement, or layered for a more dramatic effect, these floral-inspired jewels are sure to enchant and captivate all who behold them.

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