Let’s talk about color, jewelry and inspiration. It’s pretty obvious from my collections that color is an important element of my designs. Often when I’m envisioning a new piece, I begin with the mood I want it to project and think about what color or gemstone will help me invoke it. The color is as important as the shape of the design. Within the same line, different colors and stones contribute to pieces that feel very different. For example, a Bonbon ring in turquoise is more akin to Jubilation studs in lapis, turquoise and diamonds, than it is to a Bonbon necklace in citrine. The turquoise and citrine jewelry would complement each other beautifully, but they do so by achieving a balance of color, luminosity and vitality. Pairing the turquoise ring with another turquoise piece would also be beautiful, but would reflect a very different, more highly energized mood.

Although all of my collections incorporate color, the Chroma Collection is specifically about color and the Jubilation line is all about combining colors in ways that are simultaneously striking and pleasing. I love when unexpected combinations (see labradorite and pink sapphire, diamond and blue topaz, yellow sapphire and amethyst) hit just the right note. These pieces convey beauty, confidence and independence. Just like the women who wear them.

I would love to hear what you think about colors, jewelry and moods. Click here to explore our Chroma Collection and let me know which piece is your favorite and why.