This past month we moved from our small town in New Hampshire to New York City! While our previous town was beautiful and we already miss our life there, I'm looking forward for all that NYC has to offer. Below are pictures of an evening walk exploring my new neighborhood and the view from my new kitchen window. I am neither a city mouse nor a country mouse - I love both!

New York City is replete with art, architecture and opportunity! I'm looking forward to soaking in all of the inspiration, working on new designs and forging new connections. I'm a New Yorker by birth, ant it's great to be home.

One of the recent exhibits I saw was Vija Celmins at Met Breuer. Her work is fascinating and she has master a wide variety of media. Above are two paintings that I loved, and yes they are paintings, not photographs. Provocative , aren't they?

If you're in NYC, message me! I would love to meet.