I am very excited to share a project we've been working on over the past month: Stella Stories. I have connected with clients who own, wear and love their pieces from our Stella Collection to find out what the jewelry means to them. People choose to wear jewelry for many reasons, and I am always honored when someone chooses to wear something that I've created. The Stella Collection was designed to be meaningful on multiple levels because it functions as daily armor, a nod to comic books, a ode to girl power and a tribute to Roy Lichtenstein. This collection launched the Emily Kuvin brand and is very special to me; I am so happy that our clients connect with it with it as well!With any work of art, beauty and understanding are in the eye of the beholder. So while I may have a point of view on each piece I design, I know better than to presume it will resonate the same way with everyone who sees it or wears it. Collecting stories from my clients is one way to understand what the Stella jewelry means to different people. Is the shape, the color, the size of the piece, or the mood of it what appeals to a given person? Does someone see something in it that I may not have appreciated before? What can we learn from each other’s interpretations and perspectives? I love sharing ideas and conversation, and think that is the way we open our minds to new ideas, be those ideas about world peace, or a special piece of jewelry.Hearing from my clients inspires me to continue to create new designs and to refresh and develop existing designs. Different ideas allow me to see current work and new ideas from a variety of angles and that’s always good for creativity.Below are the first two Stella Stories, one from an incredible influencer in the jewelry industry, Third Coast Gems, and another from our friend Liz Kantner. I will be sharing a new story each week for the next several months. Do you want to share your story? Message me! I'd love to connect. And click here to add some kapow to your collection!