Jubilation is one of the happiest words, don't you think? The newest additions to the Chroma Collection are called the Jubilation line because these pieces not only give me joy to create, but also bring me joy to wear. I hope you agree!

After making our Bonbon Rings, which are so much fun to stack together, and playing with the combinations of gemstone colors, I wanted to use baguette shaped stones on a smaller scale. I also recently designed some custom jewelry for a friend using her heirloom diamond baguettes. The combined inspirations led to Jubilation!

Jubilation color combinations come from what I see around me - spotted both at home and on my many travels. Sometimes an unusual juxtaposition takes my breath away. I've created these pieces to be breathtaking mini bursts of color! Unexpected and exciting, perfect for bringing moments of joy to everyday life.

Heading into the holiday season can be a bit stressful, but also such a special time of the year, so I'm very excited to be launching these new designs during this time of year! Click here to shop and always feel free to reach out with questions.