Custom Corporate Gifts

“We could get our logo emblazoned on ten thousand crappy pens that barely write, then scatter them to the four corners of the earth?” 

The New Yorker 

I have more than enough pens and paperweights (and even a watch that never worked) to commemorate my milestones in the corporate world. Why not give your employees or your donors something they would actually value and wear? It’s a fabulous way to show appreciation and to spread the word about your business and your work.

We design and produce customized gifts for businesses and nonprofits to use for recognition or thank-you purposes. The process is akin to what we do for our personal custom jewelry: a discussion to outline the goals, budget and parameters of the piece, sketches for approval and iteration, computerized model for approval and finally production.

I designed the circle pin shown here for a university affinity group “executive circle," using the school colors and symbols in the shape of a circle. We used sterling silver and enamel to create a stunning piece that was presented to members at a special meeting. The dean wears her pin all the time!

Our KAPOW!💥 Collection inspires the second piece, which I designed for a nonprofit organization devoted to working for the betterment of children and families. The group loved the collection’s message of KAPOW! and I designed a proprietary piece for them in silver, using peridot and sapphire (the organization’s colors are green and blue). The back view shows how the pin is also convertible into a pendant.

These pieces are beautiful, meaningful and won’t sit in a drawer or the giveaway pile.