I love when a client comes to me for a consultation -- either in person, by email, phone or Skype or Facetime -- so we can work together to find the perfect jewelry. First, we chat a little so I can begin to understand the client’s style and personality. Does she want something she can wear every day? For a specific occasion? To go with other jewelry she owns or with a specific outfit? Does she like particular colors or stones or textures? Does she like more edgy styles or favor conservative pieces? Is she interested in one piece or a suite of jewelry? Gold or silver?


Once we’ve gotten to know each other a bit, we look at some of my inventory together. I pull pieces that make sense for her based on our conversation. We hold things up, try things on and often find the perfect piece! Frequently, we mix pieces from the Stella Collection and the Classical Collection. Sometimes, we decide to order one of the styles in a specific stone that suits the client. Always, we strive to delight our clients!