"Bang," Art for the cover of the April 1966 issue of Newsweek and "Whaam!'' by Roy Lichtenstein

The Stella Collection comprises a combination of philosophies. I literally woke up one morning with the iconic star shape in my head and drew it. Of course, there were multiple iterations and refinements until we arrived at the perfect starburst shape with nine rays and a random sprinkling of little diamonds.

Stella (Latin for star) is obviously based on the sun and stars and celestial beauty that is bigger than us and beyond our comprehension. Yet, the Stella Collection also has a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek side. In addition to summoning the skies, it is also reminiscent of the KAPOW graphics in classic comics and pop art. With a nod to comic books, “take that!,” girl power and Roy Lichtenstein, Stella Collection jewelry is just the right thing for everyday wear that can also dress up beautifully for a special occasion. Mix and match these pieces to create your own constellation of personal, expressive adornment.

These contemporary masterpieces feature 14k yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver organic shape stars with precious and semi-precious stones and diamonds. The collection is always growing and changing, so keep checking back to see new styles.