I’m a native New Yorker, and even though I’ve just moved back to the city after many years away, it feels like home. I've lived in very small country towns that I've loved and in other major cities, like Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago, that I've also loved. But coming to NYC to visit my family and friends always felt easy and comfortable. It’s good to be back.

However, this is such a difficult time for everyone, and New York is being hit the hardest right now. It’s heartbreaking to see the city suffer. But New Yorkers are nothing if not resilient and caring, and I have great faith in our ability to persevere. I just wanted to send this quick note to all of my fellow New Yorkers. We are in this together, and I am always glad to touch base. Please message me any time and share how you are coping these days. I know we can learn and gain strength from each other. Below are some photos from my walks through the city (don't worry, I'm keeping the appropriate distance from other people) that I thought you might enjoy. I hope to see you out and about in our dynamic city again soon!