Becky Stone, author of the blog Diamonds in the Library and editor at INSTORE Magazine created her own constellation! Read about it below.

I had so much fun creating my constellation! I always enjoy the colors and shapes of Emily Kuvin's dynamic designs and I loved getting to put together my fantasy combo of her jewels. What's so great about the Stella Collection is that these pieces are all very clearly connected to each other but there's enough variation in specifics that you can wear a lot of them together without it feeling overly matchy-matchy. Here are the pieces I chose.

The Grand Gold Piccolo Stella Necklace: Lapis and turquoise is one of my very favorite gemstone color combos, and I love how it looks here nestled within starbursts of gold. This baby is significant enough to be a statement necklace all on its own but it leaves enough space on the body to allow for layering if one so chooses.

Gold Stella Necklace in Blue Topaz: I love the idea of wearing this lovely piece with the Grand Gold Piccolo Stella Necklace but at a shorter length. This starburst would hover above the other larger three, its blue topaz twinkling with a faceted sparkle while the other necklace's lapis and turquoise provide an ,opaque contrast.

Mini Stella Stud Earrings with Diamonds and Mini Stella Nova Studs: I went big on the necklaces so I'm sticking to smaller designs for the earrings! I have three piercings in my left ear and two in my right ear, so I would create an asymmetrical arrangement of these two earring designs to keep my ears looking sharp.

Mini Stella Ring with Pink Sapphire ,I went with cool gemstones on my neck and simple gold and diamonds on my ears, so I want to change things up on my fingers by introducing a sprinkle of pink! The perfect, unexpected way to continue the Stella story.

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