Hello, Liz Kantner here! Jewelry to me is very meaningful and each piece I wear contributes to my daily story. Often, the pieces I choose to wear help me feel empowered. But jewelry should be fun too! One of the trends I've been enjoying and experimenting with is the #NeckMess. This is a curated group of necklaces, perfectly (or sometimes imperfectly) layered. I've put together two groups of pendants from Emily's collection, deliberately choosing each piece to create my own constellations.

First, I've chosen a medium Jubilation pendant with labradorite and pink sapphires because I love the combination of the stones and it's a subtle, but fun piece. I paired it with two designs from the Stella Collection. These cool, pop-art inspired starbursts in matte gold are ideal additions to any #NeckMess. Easy to mix and match as well as an inspiring reminder of my inner girl power. This group can be worn with a casual jean jacket or dressed up for a special evening.

The second group of necklaces I've put together features the matte gold Stellina Nova again -- this pendant works well with any collection of pendants and I connect with the ‘kapow!’ shape. With this I've added a Bonbon pendant in turquoise, a fun and bright stone, so lovely for summer! This style of necklace is easy to layer and comes in many colorful gemstones. Emily's large Jubilation pendant in turquoise and lapis brings it all together. It’s the perfect burst of baguettes in vibrant shades of blue. I especially love these pendants paired with a bright yellow top!

To shop these constellations click here and here. Visit the website to start creating your own!