Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors, although the deep blue variety is the most well-known. We ADORE sapphires and you'll notice we use them throughout the collection, especially in the Jubilation designs. The award-winning earrings pictured above for example, feature sapphires in orange, yellow and pink. Sapphires are the hardest (read: most durable) stone after diamond — beauty and strength! If you love sapphires too, ,,visit our site to take a look at some beautiful designs featuring this stone.

But sapphires are not the only birthstone for September; the other is another perennial favorite at Emily Kuvin Jewelry — lapis lazuli! This opaque deep blue gem is stunning and the pyrite (fool’s gold) veining makes each stone sparkly and unique. Lapis is iconic in ancient Egyptian jewelry and is believed to bring its wearer inner peace. We have lots of lapis to choose from — check out the Tileand Bonbon lines and add some lapis to your layers. Click here to shop.