I really try hard not to make the entire year about summer or the anticipation of summer. And that’s not easy. I’m not really a winter sports person and being uncomfortably cold and bundled up from head to toe does very little for me. So, while I do make a concerted effort to seize all the seasonal moments and make the most of fall (which I do love, minus the hay fever) and spring (ditto re: allergies), and winter (hot chocolate, coziness, all good), I have to be honest and admit that summer remains my not-so-secret favorite season, even though I don’t play favorites of course.


How do I love summer? Let me count the ways. I love the ease of walking outside in sandals and a pretty little dress without a coat. I love the gorgeous flower beds and full-blown gardens that burst into colorful life everywhere we turn. I love the good mood the sunshine evokes in people and the consequent friendliness that’s palpable at a crosswalk in the city, or at a farmer’s market in the country. Speaking of farmers’ markets, I love the fresh produce and the extremely simple delicious meals made from them. Tomatoes that smell like tomatoes and sprinkled with that olive oil you’ve been saving and a grind of sea salt, maybe a little fresh basil, accompanied by crisp white wine (or rosé) or maybe a gin and tonic…


Summer conjures up memories of lazy beach days and family outings, campfires, and fireflies (number one fave!), shucking corn outside for my grandmother and running through the sprinkler on the lawn. I think of my kids when they were little and the unnaturally colored popsicles running down the front of their bathing suits, and their giggles and splashes in the pool.


I love a long shower after a sandy day at the shore. Just a hint of makeup and that natural summer glow is all you need with a chic white t-shirt (and I’m always searching for the perfect white t-shirt, so please forward any suggestions), jeans, and sandals. Oh, and jewelry. (You knew I’d get to that). I adore turquoise all year, but I ESPECIALLY love it in the summer. It looks SO GOOD against white and if the clothes and makeup are simple, summer jewelry can be a bit bolder and more playful. Trade up to the medium size Jubilation Hoops in rainbow gemstones for a slightly bling-ier look. Our Jubilation Earrings (Double Earrings, Large Studs) are the most elegant punctuation you can add to your summer ensemble. Bonbon studs in turquoise or blue topaz (try the grass green peridot too) are just the thing for the beach or running around during the day.

And with short sleeves, I LOVE the clink of a few bracelets together. There is something sexy about the musical noise they make on bare arms. Our Jubilation thin cuffs are divine together or mixed with any bracelets in your collection.

Yellow is another great color for summer and our citrine jewelry literally captures the sunshine. Wear the Double Jubilation Earrings in citrine for your sole jewelry statement and you’ll be the most sophisticated one in the room. Maybe add our midnight sky Tanzanite

Ring from the new Athena Collection to bring out your inner goddess. The color of the stone is spectacular. Similarly, the new Lagoon Tourmaline Necklace is all about the gorgeous and unusual stone set in a simple, contemporary bezel.


The Athena Collection is in all 18k gold, and it really does feel luxurious. Enjoy the feel of it against bare summer skin and you’ll appreciate the quality of these beautiful pieces. The white gold disc earrings and necklace with pink sapphire are cool and sleek and perfect for a hot summer evening or a day at the office (because work still goes on, even though it’s summer).

And our KAPOW! never stops, does it? The new Stella charms are ideal for adding a little daily KAPOW! to your summer. Try a mini Stella charm with pavé diamonds on a charm bracelet or a long necklace to add some sparkle. The larger Stella and Stellina charms with moonstone cabochons are ready to serve as standalone pendants or for you to wear them grouped together. My current go-to necklace is a long gold chain with three of the new charms in different sizes.

But however you enjoy your summer, add some color and sparkle to your pared down wardrobe. Jewelry is the easiest accent to add and change up and will make your outfit every time. I’d love to hear from you – please share what you love most about summer and how you celebrate it.