How I want Athena to make you feel:

Have you ever splurged on something that turns out to be the best thing you ever bought? Even though at the time, it took some courage to make the purchase?

I have a Gucci pocketbook that I’d been eyeing FOREVER. The style is called by my daughter’s name and it’s the most beautiful line of bags I’ve ever seen. A couple of years ago, I was at the Rome airport, and I bought one of the pocketbooks. I hesitated, spent far too much time in the store, thought about it, and then did it. I bought myself something really special and I LOVE it! I use the bag whenever we go out for a nice dinner, or to an event and it never fails to delight me. It’s gorgeous and it’s something I did by myself, for myself.

That feeling I have when I use my favorite pocketbook is the same one I get when I wear one of the new Athena pieces. I am so excited about this new collection! I have been building Athena piece by piece over the past year and finally it’s ready for its close-up. Each ring, necklace and pair of earrings is spectacular – the kind of jewelry that makes your whole day special when you wear it.

What is the inspiration behind the collection name, Athena?

Athena was the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and strength, and the patron of the city of Athens: a beacon of art, architecture, education, and the birthplace of democracy.

She was also associated with peace and handicrafts traditionally associated with women. She was majestic and beautiful, the ultimate paragon of KAPOW!

Athena is the perfect name for this new collection that conveys strength, classicism, femininity and grace.

When I create pieces for the Athena Collection, I use 18k gold, boldly colored stones and classic geometric shapes. The ​​jewelry is

substantial, original and elegant. When a woman wears jewelry from the Athena Collection, she reflects millennia of feminine power, glamour, and beauty. It will remind you that you did something special for yourself.

How to style Athena designs: