For a close-knit group of six college roommates, a shared big birthday is always a great reason to celebrate together. Of course, COVID-19 changed the world, but birthdays don’t stop for anything. To commemorate the big birthday year (hint: it starts with a “6”), and to celebrate their enduring friendship, the group decided to commission some very special Emily Kuvin jewelry. Everyone loved the Jubilation earrings, but which style would be best? Clearly, the number six needed to be included in the design. We decided to use six stones in each earring and I started by sketching many variations of several of our Jubilation styles.

The gold Jubilation hoops were the hands-down favorite. Two of the friends preferred the medium size hoops and four preferred the smaller hoops. I suggested using different sized and different shaped stones to add interest and energy to the earrings. Each of the six friends chose a stone or color that she wanted to represent her in the design.

I then created final sketches incorporating the new ideas. The earrings can be worn facing either way, and I arranged the stone shapes and colors so that one has a more summery palette and one has a more cold weather palette.That way, the hoops are even more versatile and really act almost as two pair of earrings.

Off they went to be created. This process is exciting, nerve-wracking and rewarding all at the same time!

The final product: six gorgeous pairs of earrings, designed just for six wonderful friends. They are thrilled with their new hoops that remind them of their friendship. One of the fabulous friends says, “I wear these earrings almost every day now, and not only are they beautiful and incredibly comfortable, but I feel as if I have my friends with me all the time.”

I relished the challenge of this project and am so thrilled with how the earrings turned out. We were able to incorporate something for everyone and all the women are thrilled with their earrings. Nothing could make me happier.

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