We have received so much great feedback about our Fabulous Women, Fabulous Jewelry campaign, that this month we are featuring not one, but two fabulous women. Now we will feature a fabulous woman every two weeks. Have you been following along? If you missed meeting Lori or Amalyah on our Instagram page, click here.

There are countless women I know who wear Emily Kuvin jewelry (that includes you!) who are incredibly accomplished, and are doing phenomenal things personally, professionally and philanthropically. You inspire me and need some acclamation — I also want you all to get to know one another. Nothing makes me happier than creating a community by introducing fabulous women to each other!


Meet Ghislaine, who is the owner and practitioner of DeLeon Day Spa in Lyme NH, a mom, a fiancée and a qualified mermaid. Watch the replay of our live conversation here.