Color is well known to evoke emotional responses in people and I think it’s one of the simplest tools we have to bring both calm and joy to ourselves and to others. We are collectively stressed these days with lots of fear and uncertainty throughout our society. A little color or a special new piece of jewelry is always a welcome diversion within a little box of happiness. Our Chroma Collection is all about color and our Jubilation designs combine vibrant stones, so we wanted to show you the newest pieces.

I have no set formula for my design combinations — it really boils down to aesthetic choices. I love to play around with color and I do experiment on paper first to see which combinations strike me as the most compelling and the most beautiful. I like combining colors in all different ways: both expected (blue and green for example is a favorite, but not necessarily unusual) and unexpected (purple and orange, pink and gray). I also like to play with texture and opacity. For example, some of my new pieces may feature similar color combinations but mixed translucent and opaque stones. I also really enjoy what I call “color wheel” combinations. I find beauty often by mixing variation of the same color (for example, lapis and turquoise, pink, orange and yellow sapphire).

Several of our newest Jubilation designs feature labradorite. I’ve always loved labradorite and find it one of the most aesthetically intriguing stones because of its reflective qualities. Gray stones are unusual, and the color refractions in labradorite make each individual labradorite gemstone unique. I love stones that bring a different look to each piece. I've paired the labradorite with both pink and orange sapphires.

I've also added Jubilation designs to the collection that combine lapis and turquoise. Both of these stones make me happy. Lapis is such a gorgeous deep blue and I especially love lapis that has pyrite (fool’s gold) veining. It reminds me of the night sky and the depth of the color is truly spectacular. It also reminds me of the glory of ancient Egyptian art and jewelry. The ancient Egyptians used a lot of lapis and I’ve been admiring it my entire life (archaeologist wanna-be that I am!). Turquoise speaks of the daytime sky and also carries a beautiful depth of color. The juxtaposition of lapis and turquoise is therefore celestial almost by default. I also really enjoy combining different shades of the same color and so these two blues together make me smile.I have some additional Jubilation pieces on my drawing board. We are working on a bangle and some hoop earrings that coordinate with the cigar band rings, and a new cocktail ring featuring one of the large Jubilation clusters. I’m very excited about these new pieces! I also have some ideas for new mini Stella pieces, and we have many more Bonbon pieces currently in production, so keep an eye out for those.Click here to shop our entire Chroma Collection and message me with any questions! I'm always happy to chat jewelry. Surround yourself with color and stay safe.