We are honored to be featured in the June issue of INSTORE Magazine as a finalist in the INSTORE DESIGN AWARDS. It's incredible to be selected by retailers we admire and featured alongside designers we respect.

Emily says, "I love these earrings for many reasons, but I’m particularly proud of how they incorporate many seemingly contradictory feelings and moods into one design. They feel both modern and ancient, elegant and edgy, bold and delicate. Using a few different colors in an unexpected way gives a modern edge to the design of these earrings, without being jarring or robbing them of their elegance. Gold is the color of sunshine and boldness. It complements every stone and every skin tone. It again, is both ancient and modern and brings out the best in jewelry and its wearer. The Triple Stellina Earrings in silver are also a favorite of mine — the silver brings a cooler, more contemporary vibe and feels more lunar than solar. Sometimes, silver is the way to go!"

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